René Magritte (Or: The Rule of Metaphor): Joseph Kosuth, Sarah Whitfield, Yuval Etgar

"The one overriding idea that motivated Magritte in his work is the aspiration to get rid of certainty. [To] disrupt the conventional orders of things." - Sarah Whitfeld.       


In this conversation between art historian Sarah Whitfield, artist Joseph Kosuth, and curator Yuval Etgar, the panellists discuss the legacy of René Magritte's preoccupation with word and image on contemporary practices. 


An excerpt of this video is included in the publication Conversations II: Have your way with images, which also features David Campany, Linder, and John Stezaker on the use of found footage in and after the age of mechanical reproduction, and Cornelia Parker on the legacy of Alighiero Boetti. 


Conversation date: May 24th, 2018.