The Ends of Collage: John Stezaker, Linder, David Campany, Yuval Etgar

"Let's say for a moment that there are too many images. If you don't have your way with them... well.. they will have their way with you." - David Campany


In this conversation with writer David Campany, artists John Stezaker and Linder, and curator Yuval Etgar, the panellists discuss the history of collage and the medium's relevance to visual culture in the so-called digital age. How does one navigate the overwhelming abundance of visual materials that characterises our time? And what does it mean to speak about collage in an age where the gesture of cut-and-paste has been replaced by an alternative action that we now call 'copy-paste'? 


An excerpt of this video is included in the publication Conversations II: Have your way with images, which also features Joseph Kosuth and Sarah Whitfield on the legacy of René Magritte's preoccupation with word and image on contemporary practices, and Cornelia Parker on the legacy of Alighiero Boetti


Conversation date: March 14, 2017.