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ART BASEL 2017: Stand F12

Messe Basel, 13 - 18 June 2017

Installation view of Luxembourg & Dayan at Art Basel 2017. Photo: Annik Wetter

Luxembourg & Dayan is pleased to announce its participation in Art Basel 2017 with a booth highlighting select currents in post-war European art. The presentation features paintings by artists Lucio Fontana, Domenico Gnoli, Gerhard Richter, Salvatore Scarpitta, and Günther Uecker, each of whom radically expanded the limits of the medium. These are anchored by significant sculptures by César and Pino Pascali.  Produced in Europe between 1959 and 1974, these works chart a constellation of artistic inquiries of the post-war period, from Nouveau Réalisme and Arte Povera to the Zero Group.


César’s Compression “Zim” (1961) condenses a full car body into a minimalist cube through the use of a hydraulic press, reconfiguring one modern technology by means of another. Pino Pascali’s seminal Cannone ‘Bella Ciao’ (1965) offers counterpoint to César’s approach to technology. Part of Pascali’s “weapon” series, this work uses such humble materials as wood and scrap metal to faithfully recreate a military canon, devoid of function.


Maurizio Cattelan’s Untitled (2009), a white canvas held precariously aloft by a janitor’s broom, performs as both a postscript and bridge to our contemporary moment. A coy play on postwar monochromes and Richard Serra’s “prop” sculptures, the work refracts — with a hint of irreverence — the booth’s historical concerns.


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