Alberto Giacometti In His Own Words: Antony Gormley, Casimiro di Crescenzo, Calvin Winner, Yuval Etgar

"I think that what Giacometti did was, in a way, liberate sculpture back into the world" - Anthony Gormley


In this conversation between Anthony Gormley, Casimiro Di Crescenzo, Calvin Winner, and Yuval Etgar, the panellists discuss Alberto Giacometti's early works, from 1925 to 1935, exploring them independently of the better known postwar period.


An excerpt of this talk is included in the publication  Conversations Vol.I, which also features Marina Abramović and Hans Ulrich Obrist on Gino de Dominicis and his circle, as well as Richard Prince on the invention of rephotography.


Conversation date: March 14th, 2016.