Conversations 5: Hieroglyphs


CONVERSATIONS is a periodical publication dedicated to the promotion of new perspectives on art of the twentieth century. The project draws on Luxembourg + Co.'s ongoing series of panel discussions and interviews with leading contemporary artists, curators and scholars, who analyse the legacy of important protagonists and events that contributed to the development of their own practice.


The fifth issue of CONVERSATIONS, titled ‘Hieroglyphs’ and published in February 2022  is dedicated to the hieroglyph as a metaphor for the role of language in visual art, presenting three conversations with artists whose work is profoundly invested in notions of literacy. The first of these conversations takes the form of epistolary correspondence between artist Cy Twombly and Leslie Cheek Jr, director of the Virignia Museum of Fine Arts, during Twombly's museum-funded travels to Europe and Africa between 1952 and 1953. The second, between Elizabeth Price and Yuval Etgar, explores the role of research, language, and etymology in Price's practice. Finally, the third conversation, between Hans Ulrich Obrist and Sara Cwynar, discusses a reality dominated by images.




Lost in Italy: Cy Twombly and Leslie Cheek Jr.

Footnotes: Elizabeth Price and Yuval Etgar.

Swimming in Images: Hans Ulrich Obrist and Sara Cwynar.

48 pages
23 x 15 cm. (9 x 6 in.)

ISBN: 978-1-8384419-2-0
Conversations 5: Hieroglyphs
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