The Shaped Canvas, Revisited


This box set accompanies the exhibition The Shaped Canvas, Revisited at Luxembourg & Dayan, New York, in 2014, a re-exploration of the seminal exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum, curated by influential critic Lawrence Alloway with works by Paul Feeley, Sven Lukin, Richard Smith, Frank Stella, and Neil Williams. Alloway’s show defined a key feature of abstraction and revealed the participating artists’ desire to overthrow existing aesthetic hierarchies. Half a century later, Luxembourg & Dayan's exhibition demonstrates that the shaped canvas remains robust in art, encompassing an array of approaches and provoking questions about the continued relevance of painting. 


The box set includes a booklet, featuring an extensive interview with artist Frank Stella by art historian and critic Suzanne Hudson, as well as playful cardboard cutouts of each exhibited work. 


Box set includes 28 die cut images of works and an exhibition booklet
43 pages
9.5 x 9.5 IN.