Conversations 3: Now. Just now. Then.


CONVERSATIONS is a periodical publication dedicated to the promotion of new perspectives on art of the twentieth century. The project draws on Luxembourg & Dayan’s ongoing series of panel discussions and interviews with leading contemporary artists, curators and scholars, who analyse the legacy of important protagonists and events that contributed to the development of their own practice. 


The third issue of CONVERSATIONS is titled ‘Now. Just now. Then.’ Published in December 2019, this issue is an attempt to examine the persistent yet altered role of the term ‘Modernism’ in contemporary artistic practice and discourse. The publication is edited by Yuval Etgar and includes: a discussion between Francesco Bonami, and Jake Chapman on the immediate implications of Modernism’s legacy for sculptural practices in the 1950s and 1960s, a discussion with Peter Fischli on the transition from modernism to post-modernism in the fields of architecture and art, and a virtual conversation between Paul Cezanne and Maurizio Cattelan, that answered the same set of questions, in 1896 and 2019.



Now. Just now. Then.

My Confidences: Paul Cezanne

Sublime Hardware: Francesco Bonami and Jake Chapman

Speaking of the visible world: Peter Fischli

My Confidences: Maurizio Cattelan

47 pages
23 x 15 cm. (9 x 6 in.)

ISBN: 978-0-9956125-7-0
Conversations 3: Now. Just now. Then.
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