Enrico Baj: The Artist's Home


Co-published with Skira/Rizzoli. 


Departing from gestural abstraction in the mid-1950s, Enrico Baj honed an idiosyncratic painterly practice that embraced figuration and kitsch symbols to subvert bourgeois conventions of "good taste". His are profoundly imaginative works, with a penchant for the absurd, which are nonetheless keenly attuned to the concerns of their sociopolitical context. 


Enrico Baj: The Artist's Home was born from the conviction that a deeper understanding of this distinctive artist could be gleaned by looking to the place from which his works originated. This uniquely symbiotic relationship between Baj's works and his home is striking; deeply intertwined, the one illuminates the other. We might, in fact, see the artist's home as his ultimate Gesamtkunstwerk - an embodiment of his irreverent vision. 


Organized as a tour of the artist’s home, the catalog also includes two essays by Mariuccia Casadio and Francesco Bonami.

223 pages
Publisher: Luxembourg & Dayan, Skira Rizzoli, New York
23 x 28 cm. (9 x 11 in.)

ASIN: 978-0-8478-5899-6
Enrico Baj: The Artist's Home
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