Art fairs


7 - 16 October 2020

Irma Blank in her studio in Milan, 1988, photo by Nataly Meier. 

FRIEZE Masters Online Viewing Room:

VIP Preview: October 7-8, starting at 12pm BST

Public view: October 9-16, starting at 12pm BST


For this year online's edition of Frieze Masters, Luxembourg + Co is pleased to showcase works by German born artist Irma Blank. Settled in Italy in the mid 1950’s, Blank found herself a stranger to the culture and language with fewer means of relating to the world surrounding her. The mark made by the inability to communicate through words, eventually led Blank to develop an almost obsessive fascination with the possibilities and shortcomings of language and the written word. Blank’s paintings and drawings are comprised of multiple series, each embarking on different investigations of line, form and movement, yet all invite the viewer to turn their gaze inward and confront the fundamentals of human experience.